Technology has not only advanced the scientific world and the business sector. It has advanced so many other sectors in our lives. Talk of the online casinos gaming, social, media and many other things. The greatest of it all is the power of communication. When it comes to religion this it’s the greatest gift that technology has brought upon us.

Increased productivity

For those that are looking forward to spreading the word of God, technology may come as a distraction. However there is one more thing that you can be grateful for. Productivity in the religious sector has also improved as a result of technology.  A lot of religious websites are now being created daily to reach out to so many people in the world.


Of all the greatest things that technology has done for humankind, communication is the greatest of them all. When it comes to religious issues the communication barrier has been broken by technology.

Back then people of different languages could not be able to communicate with each other about the good news of the lord because of language. However, with technology that has changed, there are now translating applications that you can make sure to communicate with someone from far away.

Smartphone bible

Access to the word of God is one of the greatest things that we all need the coming in of technology has made that easy. Seeing that almost everyone has a smartphone. There is no longer the need for you to carry around the bible in your bag. You can have the bible on your smartphone in any language of your choice. Also, when you mark a scripture the application has made it easy for you to find it again.

Cutting down costs

Back in the day, the churches had to print out a flyer and another thing when they were holding conferences. That all has been eradicated by the coming in of technology. There is no longer the need to make all of that seeing that there are now digital interactions. This has helped a lot of churches cut down on some of the costs they were incurring in the past.

Younger congregants

Over the past years, young people have changed the way they live as compared to what was done in the past. Back in the day, you would find the youth at churches for every service. With the way of life nowadays that is now a thing of the past.

Technology has however helped changed that. Churches no longer need to try and gather the youth but by embracing virtual services they can now have the youth participating in the work of God.


With a great determination to spread the word of god throughout the whole world, technology has proven to be quite useful. Churches have benefitted a lot from it under the guidance of their leaders who have embraced the digital era. No boundaries or any communication barres among believers.